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ADR Tanker


European Agreement Concerning the International transport of dangerous goods by roadway the that “ADR”.On the initiative of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe took effect on 30 september 1957.From that date until today some changes in the final version of the agreement on 1 January 2003 has been published and 1 passed to the application in July 2003.Which is a member which is a party to an agreement with Malta in 2007, there are 43 European countries.In other words, ADR, be considered as standards in order to secure the transport chain.The certification must be accredited by the organization’s compliance with these standards is part of the ADR rules again. The main aim is to ensure that safe transport of Dangerous Goods also with ADR,classification of Dangerous Goods, determination of the terms,It is adapted to the particular criteria of what is expected routes and parking spaces. By the year 2015 in Turkey, ADR has been granted to our company competence TSE took this document and started production.