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Semi Trailer Axle
9 Tons Brake Disc
12 Tons Brake Disc
10 Bolt Bogie Axle
10 Bolt Double Bogie Axle
10 Bolt Trailer Axle
20 Rim Double Bogie Spoke Axle
20 Rim Spoke Axle
20 Rim Spoke bogie Axle
24 Rim Double bogie Axle
24 Rim Spoke Axle
Jumbo Axle
Lowbed Axle Light Type
Pilot Axle
Self Steering Axle

Brake Parts

Brake Disc
Brake Drum
Brake Chamber
Emergency Brake Chamber
Brake Caliper
Automatic Slack Adjuster
Manuel Slack Adjuster
Brake Shoes
WABCO Brake Parts
Knorr Brake Parts
Haldex Brake Parts

Suspension Parts

Trailer Suspension Parts

Z Spring
12 Layer Spring
14 Layer Spring
SACHS Shock Absorbers
MAYSAN Shock Absorbers
SABO Shock Absorbers
Air Spring 9813 K, 3881 K, 32725 K, D16 K
Air Spring 34881 K, 34156 K, 34159 K,
Air Spring 3941 K, 3813 K, 3813 C
Plastic piston
Axle Lifting Bellow
Shock absorber
Suspension Connections

Equipment and Accessories

Trailer Equipment and Accesories

Electric LightsStop LightsContainer Lock
Fifth Wheel
Air Tank
Oil Tank
Wheel Wedge
Trailer Rims
Trailer Mudguard
Trailer Fender
Wheel Hub Cap
Tool Box
Fire Box
Traffic Signs

Parking Legs

Parking Legs

JOST Parking Legs
OMS Parking Legs
Teknikel Parking Legs

King Pin

King Pin

2′ JOST King Pin
3,5′ JOST King Pin
2′ OMS King Pin
3,5′ OMS King Pin

Water Tanks

Water Tanks

35 Liter Water Tanks
60 Liter Water Tanks
70 Liter Water Tanks
90 Liter Water Tanks
200 Liter Water Tanks
250 Liter Water Tanks

Axle Parts

Axle Parts

Bogie Parts
Brake Drum
Brake Disc
Wheel Hub
Wheel Bolts
Wheel Nuts
Lowbed Bushing
Pin Set
Trailer Axle Cap

Working with the aim to become a reliable company, our company maintains product and service quality at the highest level in order to bring the principle into the corporate culture.

Giving importance to R&D, our company certified its quality with the quality documents and certificates. Our products have ISO 9001: 2008 certificates.


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* Our company ensure efficient working environment to provide a safe proud of our employees.

* Provide continuing education and self-development opportunities for our employees.

* Ensure to protection for tangible and intangible rights of our Employees.

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